Motorcycle Maintenance rear wheel chain

Well we made it, spring time. I can’t wait to jump on my bike and take if for a quick spin. But don’t forget to inspect your bike thoroughly before hitting the roads. There isn’t a worse feeling than when you are riding and all sudden I remember that I haven’t checked the tire pressure and start thinking something might be wrong with my bike. 

So here is a list of things you can do. This is by no means a complete list, but it covers a lot. I did a lot of this in the fall but somethings are worth checking twice.

Walk Around

  • Look for leaks (I find it difficult to hand tightened my oil filter, it tends to leak a bit)
  • Check horn and lights
  • Paperwork, where did I put the new insurance?
  • Adjust mirrors or anything that might have been moved while getting your bike out of storage.


  • Check voltage – min 12.5v fully charged
  • Check battery age – 5 yrs. max
  • Clean terminals & re-apply dialectic grease
  • Check fuses and have a stash on hand

Tires & Wheels (make the bike go around)

  • Check tire tread depth
  • Check tire age
  • Check tire condition (dry rot/cracks)
  • Check tire pressure


  • Clean & Lubricate chain
  • Inspect sprockets/chain for wear or belt/pulley
  • Adjust belt/chain tension


  • Check pads for remaining thickness
  • Inspect rotors for scoring, wearing
  • Inspect brake line hose for signs of wear
  • Replace brake fluid every 2 yrs. or if discolored


  • Replace coolant every 2 years or if discolored
  • Check oil/filter as recommended (change if you didn’t in the fall)


  • Inspect air filter
  • Inspect fuel filters
  • Controls
  • Lubricate control cables
  • Adjust cable for free play
  • Now just add fresh fuel and go for a ride!!

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