Black Sunshine Moto we have been working hard to find some great products you women riders.

We have also been making changes to our website, go check it out and let us know what you think. We would really appreciate the feedback.

Last week we teamed up with Explo Pinstriping & Kustom Art, Andrea “Explo” Sabatini is an Italian pinstriper. He does beautiful work but he is based in Italy, great for him but difficult for us over here in Canada. To make it easier you can order through usto get beautiful mini helmets made to order. They are one of kind….. have a look for yourself on my page.

**On Monday July 6th, 2020 we are happy to announce that we have the latest and greatest for Helmet hair.**

All the way from Australia! HighTail Hair protector!!

This is another great example of a product that women in Canada would love to get but is too expensive after shipping and duties. So we now have limited stock, be the first to order one for you.

What an exciting month it has been, looking forward to some great summer riding.

Ride safe, look great

Tracy at Black Sunshine Moto

(Let us know if that are any items that you see out on the great wide internet that might be something we should carry.)

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