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When I started riding I didn’t know any women who rode motorcycles, I didn’t have anyone to talk about my concerns or fears or just ask general questions. I started scowering the internet for information, at first it was for different kinds of bikes and gear. After I bought my bike in the winter I was more concerned about my riding skills because I didn’t get to practice after getting my license. I was looking for information about how to ride, what to do as a new rider, riding in wet weather, riding in windy conditions. I was also looking for a connection with other riders like me, Women. 

Behind every successful women is herself

Genevieve Schmitt 
women's riders now

Women’s Riders Now/Genevieve Schmitt

The first website I discovered was Women’s Riders Now started by Genevieve Schmitt in 2006. She created WRN as an online source from the female point of view, which was lacking in the motorcycle industry at the time. She is a great spokesperson for the sport. I found the sections for Beginners guide and the safety tips full of useful information. Articles like – Where do I start? What’s it going to cost? Choosing a first motorcycle and Safety. After reviewing the site for this article I still feel it is the best site for beginners. There is tons of information, I knew that I would be on their website a lot.

WRN’s Top 10 Things to Expect for Beginners 

  1. You’re going to drop the bike at least once.
  2. You’re going to be nervous for a while.
  3. You’re going to get frustrated.
  4. You’re going to hear “crash” stories from non-riders, whether you like it or not.
  5. You’re going to get advice from others, whether you want it or not.
  6. You’re going to realize at some point that you’re not wearing properly fitting gear (sunglasses that make your eyes water, gloves that are too bulky, etc.).
  7. You’re going to struggle with how to manage a new hairstyle called “helmet hair.”
  8. You’re going to spill gasoline all over the tank at least once.
  9. You’re going to realize riding your own motorcycle is cooler than you ever imagined.
  10. You’re going to find yourself smiling a lot more. 

Vicki Gray

Motoress/Vicki Gray

First Worldwide Women’s Motorcycle Magazine and Community started in 1998, I wasn’t even on the internet then. It started as Racegirl Motorsport in Europe aimed to encourage women in motorsport around the world. After the explosive growth of Racegirl founder Vicki Gray, created a new brand in 2005 Motoress to cover all areas of Motorcycles for women around the world. Vicki Gray is a globally recognized motorcycling instructor, road racer and motorcycling advocate. 

She also founded International Female Ride Day May 4, 2007 in Toronto, ON, which is now recognized world wide. “JustRide” promotes and highlights women riders while making a positive difference for women in motorcycling everywhere. Every woman riding on IFRD is a role model for the diverse, unique and common passion women share for motorcycling.

The website has everything you could imagine about riding techniques, just starting out, gear and safety. “Our Story” features in inspiring articles about women and motorcycles from all walks of life. 

I follow @Motoress on Instagram and Vicki always amazes me with how much she has accomplished in the motorcycle world, can’t wait to see what will be next.

Just Ride
International Female Ride Day